Positioning Elements by Lines 5 exercises

Setting an Element's Column Position

In this exercise, you are provided with a 5-column grid inside a container.

The container contains a single div with the ID pink-box.

![grid position](https://res.cloudinary.com/dwppkb069/image/upload/v1684523221/tutorials/images-13.1_Exercise8_Intro.mp4/131_exercise8_intro_3_00-23000-all-that

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0:00 It's time for another exercise. This one is very quick. I've provided you with a grid, a five-column grid already in a container. As always, you don't need to touch the HTML, but here's our container. Inside it has a single div with the ID of pinkbox, as you can see right there.

0:17 All that I'd like you to do is take this pinkbox and move it to this position in the grid. I have already set up the display to grid, I've set up five one-fraction columns, one, two, three, four, five. Your job is just to move this pink box to this position here. Instead of styling the grid container...notice the NO TOUCHING ZONE. It wraps around all the container styles.

0:42 Instead, what I'd like you to do is style the pinkbox. You can change the color if you want, but what I really want you to do is just move it over.