Positioning Elements by Lines 5 exercises

Practice Positioning Elements

In this exercise, we have a container that has a 5x5 grid predefined, with 5 fraction columns and 5 fraction rows. There is a single pink box element inside the container.

![grid predefined](https://res.cloudinary.com/dwppkb069/image/upload/v1684523226/tutorials/images-14.1_Exercise9_Intro.mp4/141_

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0:00 It's time for another exercise. This time, I've given you a container that has a 5x5 grid, predefined, so 5 one fraction columns, 5 one fraction rows, and there's a single element inside of it, a single pinkbox.

0:15 You don't need to touch any of the HTML as always. What I'd like you to do is position the pinkbox to this grid cell of this grid track. Move it over and move it down. In your CSS, you don't need to touch anything inside of the NO TOUCHING ZONE. Only work inside of the pinkbox selector.

0:35 Don't style the container, but we're selecting the pinkbox and moving it to this location. Move it over one column and down three columns.