CSS Grid Basics 3 exercises

Practice Creating a Two-Column, Three-Row Layout

In this exercise, we have been given a container with six blue boxes inside.

![container six blueboxes](https://res.cloudinary.com/dwppkb069/image/upload/v1684351363/tutorials/images-05.1_Exercise3_Intro.mp4/051_exercise3_intro_1_00-04560-in-this-exercise-ive-provided-you-with-a-container-that-has-

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0:00 In this exercise, I have provided you with a container that has six blue boxes inside. What I'd like you to do is create this layout where we have two columns and three rows.

0:10 You can see that the second column is much larger than the first, the middle row is larger than the first and the third. The exact dimensions are in the app.css file, so 200 and 400 pixels for the columns, 100, 400, and 100 pixels for the rows. As always, avoid THE NO TOUCHING ZONE. There's nothing you need to do in there. All your code should go in the CSS file below this line.